Every Child is Worthy of Love

Our Mission… A community for every child.

Kids come into foster care because of abuse or neglect. We believe that they deserve safe homes. They need foster families who will love and connect with them in ways that lead to healing and resiliency. And they thrive when they receive the support of a larger community of teachers, coaches, leaders, friends, and neighbors who can encourage and love them through all the uncertainties of daily life in foster care.

Kalamazoo County has 476 children in foster care. But only 121 families are currently licensed as foster homes. This is not nearly enough to meet the ongoing needs of children entering foster care.

Our faith communities have a unique ability to provide support, hope and healing for children and families in foster care. Without the help of churches and other local faith-based organizations, kids are less likely to thrive, and foster parents are more likely to burn out.

Fostering in Kalamazoo

Not everyone fosters or adopts… but everyone can do something.

We know that faith communities have an essential role to play. This is why we help connect them with child welfare agencies and foster families for support. When everyone does their part, the whole community thrives. Together, we can be the community that each child needs.
Kalamazoo Foster Care Training and Resources

Fostering Partnerships will come alongside you, to help your faith community make a significant impact. We offer information and training that will empower your congregation to:

  • Understand the value of caring for orphans as well as all children in foster care.
  • Discover practical opportunities to maximize your impact while applying your unique talents in support of orphans.
  • Build foster/adoption-friendly worship environments that will powerfully impact the lives of children.

Together, we can provide a safe and loving family for every child.

This initiative has been made possible by the Family Enrichment Center and the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

The Family Enrichment Center exists to fill the gaps of the child welfare system by providing training, support, mentoring and services to all families, with an emphasis on adoptive, foster and kinship families. LEARN MORE

Kristin Porter
Kristin Porter

Kalamazoo Faith-Based Recruitment Coordinator

Fostering Partnerships
I want to support foster families and children. Please contact me with more information about how my faith community can join Fostering Partnerships!